Pimcore DAM : Embedded Meta Info

Hello team,

Use Case : End user downloads an image (xyz.jp), changes title to abc.jpg After a while comes back requesting for a higher resolution image by shared the renamed asset abc.jpg Now i’m trying to figure out how to find the same image in the DAM, by searching through some meta information of the file.

Option 1: Custom Meta Info, Tags are not flowing in through a download. Downloaded images doesn’t have any meta info that was entered in Pimcore. ( Does a download would have any kind of Meta Info flowing from Pimcore ? )

Option 2: I was able to see that only some Embedded Meta Info Key/Values match for both the abc.jpg and xyz.jpg. But when i use Quick search feature on pimcore, i’m not able to search with the Embedded Meta Info Key/Value pairs “CurrentITPCDigest”

Pleas suggest if there a way to match images with title changes in the downstream.

Ven Brooks

That is actually more difficult then you might think. What happens if the user just doesn’t rename, but completely messes with the embedded meta information? Only way to find the right file again is to use AI and scan the whole library for the same image…

you could insert a hash for the file in metainfo and search by that … though it wont work if he edited the file

Fortunately, business users are only editing the file name and they don’t even know, how to edit the metadata :slight_smile:

Does pimcore index Embedded Meta key/values ? - As i could not find any search results with CurrentITPCDigest field value in the demo instance.

i think not but you could easily make a cronjob or attach to asset event

to grab the data you need and put it in custom metadata