Pimcore DAM integration for Adobe InDesign

We are proud to introduce our CEP Plugin for Pimcore DAM integration within Adobe InDesign.
Using our plugin offers easy usage of Pimcore assets without detours like exports out of Pimcore for reimporting them in Adobe InDesign. No use for leaving your Adobe InDesign DTP workflow just to get things done. Asset handling is fully under control of Adobe InDesign and brings along more flexibility in asset integration.

If you like to get some more informations about our plugin, just visit our corporate blog post (German) or contact us so we can answer your questions.

Feel free to leave a comment… Even if it might be some kind of criticizing :wink:


That is absolutely amazing. Good Job Guys.

How about integration into PIM? Anything planned for that? That would make things like exports to XML or CSV completely obsolete.