Pimcore frontend permissions


As I see there is the frontend permission toolkit bundle for pimcore but it supports pimcore 5.

Therefore I have a question. Do we need to build our own RBAC solution for customers on the front or the backend permissions can be used to apply specific permissions to the frontend users/customers.

you could use backend users for frontend, but I would not recommend it.

Better use this: https://github.com/dachcom-digital/pimcore-members

Thank you.

I found it yesterday.

I am going to use it with customers framework.

Why would you not recommend it, @dpfaffenbauer? My guess would be possible security issues along with a “dependency” on Pimcore implementation that could change in the future, am I right?

I am currently looking for a way of implementing frontend user permissions and will probably use what you’ve linked, but I’m curious.

Also, Frontend Permission Toolkit seems to be abandoned, is that so?

Because you want to have a clear separation between frontend user and backend user. If you use backend-users for some kind of frontend access, the user also has access to the backend, which is something you might now want.

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Makes sense. Thanks!