Pimcore-install: how to skip database setup?

Hi, I want to call the pimcore-install on an existing pimcore DB but without deleting the data.

I found out about the install parameters

But if I set them for the pimcore-install it has no effect and the db is modified. There is an old bug report: https://github.com/pimcore/pimcore/issues/3852 Is the bug still existing?

How do I get it to work to have multiple developers who work on the same remote DB? Every developer needs to call the “pimcore-install” command to get the system setiup correctly. But currently this is not possible because of the db reset.

If the above mentioned options would work, is there then also a way to skip the cms admin user creation on existing db’s?

there is already a PR for that (https://github.com/pimcore/pimcore/pull/7193) and will be included in Pimcore X.

The question is though, if your usecase is not more like a ‘deployment’ usecase. There you fetch all the code and configs from your VCS, maybe use .env for instance specific settings and eventually call pimcore:deployment:* and assets:install commands as needed when setting up a new instance.


Thanks for the info. But I think the “deployment” usecase wouldn’t work either. Because some important files like the system.yml are excluded by pimcore default from the VCS and as far as I saw, these files are only created with the pimcore/install command…

So it seems there is currently no solution for our usecase? That’s very sad…

If the system.yml is the only required file currently excluded vom VCS, then I could try to include it in the VCS…?

there is always a solution. for example you can have a look at the installer and see what config files are generated - and either add them to your VCS or create them with a custom script.