Pimcore installation error


I have an issue with my pimcore installation. When I launch the command “pimcore-install” in my project, I find this error.

[ERROR]The following errors were encountered during installation
*Call to undefined method ReflectionProperty::hasType()

If someone can help me, it will be greatfull


Unfortunately, I have no solution yet.
I´ve got the same issue. It seems there is a problem with a missing or undefined method “hasType” from the php class “ReflectionProperty”.

hopefully we get a solution for this :pray:


Hi there, I am installing pimcore/demo on windows , I am got stuck on this for 3 Hours. Its not installing Please help.


This issue has to do with the fact that for some reason Ocramius’ Proxy Manager started to require PHP 7.4 for their latest 2.3 release. If you set your system to require PHP 7.2 for instance you can circumvent this and get your installation working.

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Hi, try pressing CTRL + X if you see that it’s taking too long.

Hey there,

is already a while ago.
Downgrade the ocramius/proxy-manager from “3.1” to “2.2.2” fix the php 7.4 requirement problem. Installation works fine with this, and it´s ok till my or other hosters offers php 7.4.

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer require “ocramius/proxy-manager:2.2.2” --ignore-platform-reqs