Pimcore installation via composer


I try to install pimcore via composer for the first time into ubuntu (elementary os).

Then when I launch installer they give the next error:

[ERROR] The following errors were encountered during installation

  • INSERT is required.
  • UPDATE is required.

What is the problem?? I have the mysql user with ALL GRANT PRIVILEGES.

Can anyone help me?


Can anyone help me???

Thanks a lot

check your database user, it doesn’t have enough permissions


I’ve tried everything…

I login in phpmyadmin with any user and I have all GRANT previleges for database…

And I can do everything inside phpmyadmin… In the console, I user my user, root user, no one’s can install pimcore :frowning:

The same erros:

  • INSERT is required
  • UPDATE is required

How can I do?