Pimcore members bundle _user_locale

Trying to set up members with multiple locales and get an error that I need _user_locale property… If I try adding that as text input to the class I am not able to save it… where is supposed to be added?

as aways any help appreciated!

Hi @justbane,

Add it the object as property, not as input data type.

$object->setProperty('_user_locale', 'en');

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the reply!

Question: Is that done in a class I need to override? Or an EventListener?

I am just installing members with default setup so no classes have been overridden or setup.

This either happens when registering via form or OAuth. And here’s the extractor service: https://github.com/dachcom-digital/pimcore-members/blob/master/src/MembersBundle/Service/RequestPropertiesForUserExtractorService.php

This is required by core. The object needs to terminate which locale (and optionally site id) should be used for later processes (like opt-in mails etc. just add them in the object property tab!