Pimcore multiple catalogs and multiple companies

I’m looking at Pimcore to develop a PIM solution to manage a big company product catalogs.
I would need to manage multiple catalogs, each one for each company division. Every division catalog will be used by individual company branches, each of this country branches will use its own catalog that will be a subset of their division global catalog.
Users will have different access levels, we will have admin users that manage all catalogs, division admins that manage single catalogs and branch users that will manage their subset, being able to “override” some global info, if authorized by admins.
Is this scenario compatible with Pimcore?

Most definitely. Pimcore was created for complex data structures such as the one you’re describing.

I would recommend that you have a look at https://github.com/pimcore/customer-data-framework and all its possibilities.

Basically, the Customer Data Framework creates a level of users between the Anonymous and Administration Users. These users can log into the frontend part, but not into the Administration. You can then create a simple Role system which will allow you to do what you want.

Or, if everything needs to be done from Administration, that’s even easier, since the Roles and Policies system in Pimcore is advanced enough to handle such cases.

You can have different perspectives (dashboards for different users), which then have only the content the user has permission to view and edit.

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Thanks a lot for the quick feedback! I’ll definitely check the link you provided.