Pimcore objects & Git

Has anyone figured out how to resolve git object ID conflicts in a multi-developer environment?

We have multiple developers building objects in one site and all working locally, The problem comes when Dev-A makes an object locally it gets an id, Dev-B makes one lacally as well and gets the same id.

When they push their code up and we try to rebuild the objects they conflict as they have the same ID’s

Are you just not supposed to keep these files in the repository? It seems like so much work to have to constantly rebuild them for jSON files.

We have the same problem. We try to remember to remove the ID from the definition file before pushing.

Three options:

  • Keep the ID in git and carefully merge when multiple devs create classes
  • Keep the ID but use Custom ID identifiers like: ‘product’ for a Product Class
  • Remove the ID and let Pimcore create one during deployment


Thanks guys,

We are going with removing the ID before commit - that I can tell the system doesnt need the id in the definition. But of course everytime you edit and save the class it adds it back.

Would be nice to have the definition never get the ID in the first place as this is data imposed by the DB.