PIMCore update experience?

I’m quite new to pimcore and I’d like to hear about your experiences when updating pimcore to a new version.

Are updates a rather smooth and easy process or is a lot of manual work needed? How do minor version update (e.g. from 6.x to 6.x+1) compare to major version updates like version 6 to version 7? Are there migration wizards in case e.g. database changes need to be performed?

I read about the update from version 4 to version 5 which sounded like a huge step as the underlying framework of pimcore changed. I suppose that update was rather painful.

Hoping for some feedback/opinions

Usually a update is quite smooth. The Problem rather is that Pimcore doesn’t really apply to SemVer, so might up having BC breaks or other bugs within a minor update. But other than that, it is quite smooth.

Thank you for sharing your experiences!
It’s of course a piitty if pimcore does not fully comply to SemVer as this might lead to unexpected problems. As far as I can see the change logs for each version do not to point out changes that might break the system :frowning: