Pimcore Web Services For Front End Apps

Hi, on the following page of Pimcore documentation:


… the following is stated:

Important: Frontend Applications
The Pimcore REST API is not intended to be used as a data provider for frontend applications (Vue.js, React, Angular, …), please build your own actions for that purpose or use any existing bundles.”

Can anyone explain the reason why front end apps should not use these endpoints?

they are far to complicated and heavy-weight for frontend applications - and now they are also deprecated :slight_smile:
Have a look at https://github.com/pimcore/data-hub


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OK thanks for the explanation

Do you know when the REST implementation of data-hub will be available?

HI @fash,
It is said that:
The REST API is deprecated as of Pimcore 6.4 and will be removed in Pimcore 7. If you’re using this API, please consider migrating to the Pimcore Data-Hub

But the data-hub does not yet support REST…
So, could you please still support it untill we have good replacement for the REST on the data-hub?