Pre-installation customization

Hello everyone,

I want to use Pimcore for my next couple of projects, and I have a few questions:

  1. Out of the box, current version of Pimcore seems to be rather heavy, at 220 MB in compressed form and nearly 400 MB in decompressed form. Is there a way for me to slim it down a bit? Are all the dependencies mandatory, am I out of luck?

  2. If I want to customize the installation, everything I need in the “install-profiles” directory, correct? Controllers, views, class definitions, assets, initial settings. Do I need to change anything else? And if I want to add a dependency (Deployer, typically, and some tool to work with Elasticsearch), can I just change composer.json, and then make my own Git “base repository” & composer package, or is there a better way?

  3. Does Pimcore offer any way of easily synchronizing the database, or would I have to set something up myself through migrations?

I’ll be really grateful to anyone who can spare the time to help and answer at least some of these :slight_smile: thanks in advance and have a great day!


  1. You are out of luck
  2. Yes, installation stuff is done with install-profiles and you can do with your composer.json whatever you want
  3. What do you mean with sync? For updates?

Hi, thanks for the response!

To explain the sync – I am now able to tell our deployment tool to basically dump me a live database, create a new user and a db on local dev environment and then import the dumped data. I was wondering how to achieve this on my own, with a newer Pimcore, as I can’t use the tool for my own needs out of the company.