Preview tab for documents

Hi everyone,

I am using Pimcore as a headless CMS. Is there a way to show a specific URL in the “Preview” tab of a document/page, instead of the direct preview of this page?

The reason is that the preview only shows the API response in my setup, since the frontend is deployed on another server.


How/why are you using the documents?

In most headless CMS projects I know the data objects are used for storing the structured content.

I am using the data objects only for structured data like entities.

I use documents for creating pages in the CMS. Basically, by adding areabricks you can add blocks of content to that page.
For the API, all the areabricks of the page are getting parsed as JSON and returned through the endpoint.

you can use link-generators to get a preview in data-objects

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This only works with data objects and not for pages, afaik. So it seems the preview of documents can’t be changed.