Remove cache-buster-* from the link


I’m trying to install Pimcore. I’m using Valet to manage virtual host, nginx and PHP. I’ve run valet link host and valet secure host and while opening the URL.
I’m getting error

Then I tried to install via terminal. The installation was successful but when opening the URL, the content is displayed but JS and CSS are showing 404.


For future reference, as I’ve had the same problem.
Valet + provides a pimcore driver (~/.composer/vendor/weprovide/valet-plus/cli/drivers/PimcoreValetDriver.php) that removes the cache busting part from the url, but only if the sitePath includes “/pimcore”.
That wasn’t the case in my example and as I use valet only for this project, i’ve changed the serves() Method to always return true.
This is a quick fix, to get Pimcore working.