Rename Brick without loosing content


I have the need to rename an existing Brick (from “Image” to “ImageResponsive”) to prevent collision with Toolbox Bundle.

There is still a lot of defined content in the pages, which uses the existing brick.

If i only rename it, i will loose the content. It seems there is no console option like “migrate brickname”.

Is there a way to convert defined “image” brick to the new name “imageresponsive” - maybe via DB direct?


Well, seems it is possible via Database Update.

I renamed my brick from “image” to “imageresponsive” and made finally this:

UPDATE documents_elements
SET  data = replace(data, 's:5:"image"', 's:15:"imageresponsive"')
WHERE data LIKE '%"image"%';

Seem it does what i expected, the images are still shown now in the content with the “new” brick.


important is to clear the data cache afterwards…