Renderlet replacement for multiple objects?


I’m currently working on a web2print project, which is is already live and made my customer very happy. I’ve created area bricks with a renderlet to select an object, all child objects are displayed as a table.

For other documents, I need a renderlet-like replacement that accepts multiple objects or another solution to select multiple objects, pass them to a controller and render a twig template.

Any idea how to solve this?


Hi @Ben305,

You could use a Relations (Many-To-Many) editable to do that. With that you can define multiple elements and pass it back to the controller.

Hope this helps!

Hey @aarongerig,

thanks, tried that - working perfectly!

Is there a way to trigger the renderlet again when the relation has been updated?

I’d suggest to put the Relations editable into the edit template in editmode. With that you’ll get a config dialog, which automatically triggers a page reload on save.