Rest API Select "join"


if I have understood it correctly there is this easy way to get a filtered view of objects ala



“success”: true,
“total”: 2,
“data”: [
“id”: 12506,
“type”: “object”,
“published”: true
“id”: 12507,
“type”: “object”,
“published”: true

Then I have to to get the object details by


Is there a way to get all this information in one rest api call?
like a “mysql select join” ?


Are there any ideas?
Do I understand pimcore objects wrong?

Hi @sm37500
You understood the API correctly, you have to make 2 calls, one for the list and another for each object.
However, you can build a custom API endpoint.
You can create routes as annotaions and route parameters.
Be sure to create the route as /webservice/api/yourtestclass as described here.

Hope this helps