Retrieve objects by parentId

I’m new to pimcore so I may be missing something fundamental. But I’m trying to retrieve a list of objects by parentId via the web service - I’m being provided the parent ID and I need to get all the objects within it, then eventually all the assets within those objects.

I don’t have the option to use the php api unfortunately and have to use the web service.

I assumed it would be something as simple as
http://serverURL/webservice/rest/object-list?limit=50&condition=parentId=[parent id] but this redirects me to the web interface. What am I missing, and is there more web service documentation beyond ?



Same question here! Hopefully, there is a undocumented trick, to get the whole object-tree. :cry:

Could you show the code and the screenshot from the admin page of your class object?

Got it! You have to use the keyword “o_parentId” in the condition string.


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This should be mentioned in and