Run Update Script Command Broken?



i tried to update a host with the new update scripts for 5.2.2 but first nothing happens when i try to update.

I debugged this a bit and came to that Url:

Which throws a 404, so it cannot work. (Request in Pimcore is a simple get Request so it should be accessible from the normal browser)

Any idea?

Bet regards,



I don’t know where you have this URL from, but that doesn’t exist, it seems you have mixed v4 URL with the hostname of v5.

There was a problem with the SSL certificate some hours ago, that’s fixed now, so the updater should continue to work again.


Hi Bernhard,

There’s the URL (Line 41)

And there’s the Hostname (Line 28)


I have the same issue. CLI command ‘bin/console pimcore:deployment:run-update-script’ of latest Pimcore (v5.2.3) is requesting same URL which doesn’t exist and thus not working.

It is a bug in pimcore:deployment:run-update-script CLI command only?


Looks like it was fixed a few days ago.