SAP connector for Pimcore

I am not an expert on SAP and Pimcore, so I am wondering whether there is a prebuilt connector to integrate PIMcore with SAP. Our requirement is to be able to connect, in real-time if possible, the two systems as follows:

  • to transfer product data, incl. photos, videos, etc., from SAP into PIMcore
  • to transfer pricing date from SAP into PIMcore
  • to write order data into SAP

If there is no-ready made connector that can do the above, how easy is it to build one?


As far as I know, there is no standard API to SAP, so there is no Standard way for a connector. You have to build it manually, how easy: hard to tell without knowing how the API looks like, but surely will take couple of days to implement

Thanks for your reply. The idea is to be able to:

  1. receive product data (incl. photos, videos) from SAP into Pimcore
  2. receive product pricing from SAP into Pimcore
  3. send order data (a basket incl. one or more products) from a third-party system to SAP
    Does the above sound possible?

sure. Everything is possible with Pimcore :wink:

If you really need something close to real-time than you have to build REST API’s on both sides. For SAP there is a tutorial on youtube which will give you some insights: (start with part 2, part one is theory only).

On the pimcore site you might be able to use the data hub. Sending media through http requests could be problematic (but is possible), so i would consider copying the media library and write a command so that your imported data gets a reference to the copyid media library.

And whenever you have a solution, let me know. I got a similiar customer in mind who needs a similiar setup :wink: