search-backend-reindex missing variants in search_backend_data


Hi, I’m currently busy with debugging an issue with the search-backend-reindex. We made a structure with where we are using objects with variants.

But when we run pimcore:search-backend-reindex it only indexes the objects.o_type IN (‘object’,‘folder’) but not the variants resulting them missing in the listings when searching.

Currently I tested a change of \Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Listing::$objectTypes to add AbstractObject::OBJECT_TYPE_VARIANT and now it indexes all objects and variant.

Just wondering why this is not beening parsed but when you publish the variant from the web ui it is beeing added to the search_backend_data


please create a github issue so that we can have a look at this in detail. Right now I see no reason why variants should not be included into the search index.




Made the issue in github: