Search & move? I don't see any options

What is this supposed to do? I can fill the grid, select a number of objects, and then… they get added on the right, but I don’t see any options to actually move them or do anything else. I hit “Select” and a load progress bar comes up, but I don’t know what I’ve just done and the whole thing reloads without my search parameters. I can find nothing in the documentation, either.

I get it, now. This could be spelled out a little more.

Actually I still don’t get it. I’m trying to move found objects in Search & Move widow to certain folder. After I click Select it just shows progress bar and then closes modal, but … how do I select the target folder … I don’t get it?

Ahh … it moves them to the current folder, which makes sense once you figure it out (it’s not very intuitive though). But the problem is, when you are on empty folder there is no Search & Move button. So you first have to create one dummy Object in empty folder, then click on it to see the button and only then you can move other objects to this folder.

Button should always be visible imho, I don’t get the reasoning why is it hidden for empty folders…

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I agree with you too.

Also, I have a need to bulk-move objects INTO ANOTHER OBJECT (not into a folder), and I don’t find any way to do this.

UPDATE: It is possible (tested with Pimcore 6.1.2) both to Search & Move into an empty folder and into another object. By right-clicking the object/folder -> Advanced -> Search & Move.

Still, it’s weird (in UX perspective) that the Search & Move button is hidden, but it’s still accessible via right-click and is a perfectly legal operation.

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Good to know about right click option. I don’t know was it not there at the time of my post, or I just didn’t find it. :slight_smile:

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