Server Requirements

Hi all,

I wanted to ask for exact server requirements:

-what type of hard disk (ssd, hdd …)?
-how much ram (ddr4, …)?
-how many cpu cores?
-separated application and database server?

I would like to use pimcore for the administration of about 10 000 - 15 000 assets.

Amount of assets will just influence hard disk size (I mostly use ssd for php files and hdd for assets). Rest of the parameters will depend on workload (how many concurrent users and background jobs are running). If you’ll be using cloud solution, it’s good to start low (1-2 CPU cores - for small userbase, 1GB of RAM) and upgrade when needed.

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First of all thanks for the reply.

The system should be used by about 5-10 people.
It should only be used the DAM on which you access from another CMS.
What about the separation from the databases?

Should the database be on a second server or on the pimcoreserver?
How would that affect performance?

depends on your network and on how much traffic you expect, if you need to be scaleable a second server is the better solution. But for most websites, it is totally fine to have it on the same.

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Agree with all of above comments.