Server threw exception when every saving object

Good day.
I have a problem with saving objects in Pimcore.
I do many things in event listener thats fired up when presave and postsave objects.
Very often there is an error message “Server threw exception”.
Increasing of max_execution_time doesnt take effect.


Make sure you have writable permission to var/ directory

All permissions are granted.

@djbodya Please run cache clear command. Then assign 777 permission to var\ directory and than install assets. If you are already logged in to the browser, first logout yourself and than login again. It should work for you. Let me know, if still it will not work. Thanks.

Thank you for your reply. But it doesnt take effect.

@djbodya Can you please check exact message in response tab in your console network area while saving
like in this image

OK, i will do it.
I can set dev-mode on this server if it’s needed.

This time its happens when i try to list in grid all objects. Its over 5k objects.

It always appears after about 30 seconds per request.

@djbodya This grid-proxy URL is used to fetch all data in JSON format in the response tab which displays in the grid as a listing.
Your data is not coming and has some JS/PHP error so that it canceled before run or maybe some issue in your customize SQL.

Is this your customize code?

How can I reproduce in
SO that we can resolve it.

I cant reproduce this error on demo server. When i try to open this page in new tab, all works fine. It about 45s.

Some times this error appears when trying to load find-last-unread or when trying to save object. But it always about 30s requests and canceled.
I customize only EventListener code PreUpdate, PostUpdate events.

@djbodya Please send your customize listener code in which you write preupdate and postupdate listeners. Make a doc and attached it. Hopefully, we will find some solution.

Hello. I apologize for my absence. Its have been no errors from last week. I think that increasing max_execution_time and grant all permissions to var/ takes effect for me.

@djbodya That’s great that issue is resolved. :slight_smile: