Setting object edit permissions for local language content only

Hi, we have something like the following setup for a companies product data:

Object class: Product

  • BaseData
    • Fieldset
      • Field 1
      • Field 2
      • Field 3
  • WebsiteData
    • Localizedfields
      • Fieldset
        • Field 1
        • Field 2
        • Field 3

The baseData holds all common attributes that are not needed to be translated into different languages.

The websiteData tab holds customer facing content that must be translated per country.

The client wishes to allow access to global product managers to all data for editing. But restrict local product managers (on a country by country basis) to only be able to edit their local specific fields.

Can we do this using the standard permissions settings?

Currently I can grant access to a German product manager, to only edit the German localised fields, great! But I can’t do this, without also allowing them to edit the entire BaseData tab.

We want to restrict access to base data, but allow access to edit their countries localised content. How might we do this?

Currently using Pimcore 5.3
Plan to upgrade to Pimcore 6 soon


Hi @slkr88

You can create a custom layout for the local product managers where you can disable (mark as non editable) all the attributes in the base data and set that layout as allowed/default layout in user settings.

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ah yes, thats just what i need! thankyou @neha