Simple CSV import of new objects


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I would like to import a csv file (eg from an old website) as pimcore objects. For this, I clicked on the dataobject folder -> CSV Import -> Simpleobjectlikenews. In the new configuration tab I tried to configure my single csv column title as title field from the Simpleobjectlikenews. But I didn’t know how to configure the resolver strategy. In my case I just want to create new objects with the title set, I don’t want to update the objects later via import. It’s just thought for data migration from old website.
Unfortunately the documentation did not help me that much, I was here:

My questions:

Edit: When I try to use the getByAttribute resulver and set title = title I get an exception:
“Exception: failed to resolve object where title = Pulver” behind the preview icon in the csv preview row

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  • The csv import is probably not designed to skip already existing objects
  • “keep” means that the object type (object, folder, variant) shouldn’t be touched by the import
  • IMO, the getByAttribute resolver always expects that the object can be resolved (in your case by title)


Thank you for your reply and explanations!

For every one who find this topic in the search: In the meantime, I found a solution that worked for me. Attached I add I try to add two screenshots with my settings and the import csv which is really simple…


example_newsimport.csv (69 Bytes)