Single Sign on using Okta in Pimcore Adminpanel

I am creating a Web application which is a combination of Magento, drupal, and pimcore. I want to integrate Okta for SSO ( Single Sign on) in all 3 CMS. I am able to integrate it with Magento and Drupal admin panel. Now I want to integrate it with Pimcore Admin panel. There is no bundle or plugin related to this i am able to find. Can you provide me more details regarding implimenting SSO in Pimcore Admin panel. With proper detail.

This piece of quite old code was created as a proof of concept (not put much effort in it) in our company to integrate SSO with Pimcore and used internal oAuth2 APIs. I am not sure what Okta provides but might help to guide you.
It overrides a login page to provide both options to login as pimcore user or to click on “SSO Login” button.

CompanySSOController.php (7.2 KB) login.html.php (4.5 KB)