Slow UI and intense CPU usage on Object edit page



My object tab contains a lot of select fields with a lot of options in each field. When I switch to the tab - browser hangs, CPU usage is 100% and I have to wait a minute or so until the tab is finally rendered. The same behavior is when object bricks has a lot of select elements or classification store.

I think that PIMCore creates such elements on the fly and uses EXTjs instead of regular html selects.
Please push me in right direction to fix this. Maybe do select elements without JS and style it to have the same look as other elements.

Help me, please. This issue is really killing my project at the moment. I cannot present it to the customer and I cannot remove options or remove some elements as all data is required to be inside PIM.
Thank you!


what is ‘lot of select fields’ … dozends, hundrets, …?
Which browser are you using?

Yes, Pimcore is using ExtJs for object editors. But dozends of select fields should not be a problem. What you could do:

  • If not already, use a fast browser like Chrome or Firefox. Do not use IE
  • Deactivate DEV-mode if activated.
  • Modify your layout to not show all selects in one tab. Use mutiple tabs within your object editor, initially not visible tabs are only rendered when shown.

If above does not help, then you only can use the big cannons:

  • Try to debug, what causes the high load.
  • Create a custom data type that renders selects differently.
  • Create a custom data input interface and utilize the php API to store the data in Pimcore objects.