tagConfiguration in perspective

  • I have a user with a user role which has tags_config enabled.
  • tagConfiguration is set as true in the perspective

Still tagConfiguration does niet show up in this user’s perspective (settings menu). If I open an object, then I have the tag tab where I can check tags, but right mouse button does not give me the context menu to add a new tag. So it seems there is a problem with the user permission to have full tag access, but I have no idea where else I should look to enable the permission.

You should also give your user role the permission Tag Assignment for it to work.

I actually wrote an article on Tags the other day, and now it’s out. Check it either here: https://factory.hr/blog/pimcore-hidden-gems-tags or here: https://dev.to/tomebuljevic/pimcore-hidden-gems-tags-5d7p


That’s exactly what I did. User role has permission for Tags assignement, tags_config and tags search. Still the user can’t add tags and tagConfiguration does not show up in the settings menu.