Targeting and Visitor Info across two Pimcore sites

Does anyone know if it’s possible to track and target visitors across two sites (with different domains) set up in a single Pimcore instance?

When I visit both of the sites I get a different visitor id for each but I don’t know if there is any way to change this behaviour.


hmm the challenge is to identify the same visitor since the cookies are domain specific.
Once you have sorted this out and can identify the visitor with an id, you should be able to set the visitor id manually as described here:

And then you have to use a different targeting storage, as the default storage are cookies again. More information see here.

Actually I have never done that before, so any feedback and shared experience are welcome.



That makes sense. I’ll look into it and report back if I make any progress. I’ve only been playing around with Pimcore for a couple of days… just evaluating it as a possible alternative to our current systems.

Still have much to learn.