Thank you page with dynamic URL


I have currently 3 pages (the number may incrase), example:

Those pages share the same controller, but have different template… and they each have a formular that sends data.
For each page I createad a custom predefined type: typ-[randomnumber]

What I want to do is: Create a page that contains a thank you page, users land on the thank you page after the formular is succesefully sent…

The URL should be different and should contain the typ-[randomnumber] of the form that was just sent.

For example, user sends a form from website/modele/car-name-1/
After he sent the form and it was a succes, he gets re-directed to website/modele/car-name-1/thank-you/typ[number-of-car1page]

Another example:
User sends a form from website/modele/car-name-2/
After he sent the form and it was a succes, he gets re-directed to website/modele/car-name-2/thank-you/typ[number-of-car2page]

I am really confused as to how I can do such a thing …

For this purpose, you can use the custom routes.
You can find the manual here:

I just did and its working…
1 more question … how can I acces the predefined properties from my
in my
website/modele/car-name-1/thank-you/typ[number-of-car1page] ? What would be the best way?

probably just pass them as form fields otherwiese you can get the document by Document::getByPath