$this->document is set when no document is called directly



I’m not sure if this is intended or a bug.

I have a document on /fluege/weltweit/
but when i call /fluege/weltweit/at.oesterreich (based on a static route)
that document is also loaded into $this->document

Is this working as intended? Any way to disable this?

Best greetings,



That is indeed intended, and I have no idea if it possible to change that :D, would need to check the code for that.


Well it makes sense in some cases and in some it doesn’t. How do you set your Meta Descriptions / Titles for “Object”-Pages / Static Routes?



Or simply add the two lines at the top of your view template:

{% do document.setTitle('My Title for a Static Route') %}
{% do document.setDescription('My Description for a Static Route') %}


Overwriting attributes in a object that, pretty much, has nothing todo with the current request, seems not like the right way.

@dpfaffenbauer That looks nice! Thanks!