Timeout in grid view when selecting many objects


When selecting a few 1000 objects in grid view it’s loading for about 30 seconds and then I get a timeout warning.

At the moment I have around 4000 objects in PIM core. Is it normal it is taking so long in the grid view wen selecting to show all objects? When the view is set to 200 objects the grid view is loading fast (less then a second).

Anyone have the same issue and a solution?

Am I the only one having this issue?

Hi @Hbitvof,

I think there is the following situation when you got a timeout warning.

  1. There are taking special characters in object fields.
  2. There are corrupted data that exist in object fields.

Hi @manmohan-pimcore,

That’s not correct. At the moment we have around 4000 object (in this case products) in PimCore.

When I select 1000 rows I can open those all 4 seperate. When there are special characters/corrupted data in some fields I should have this on one of the 4 pages.

Hi @Hbitvof,

Does it work fine when you are select all 4000 objects?

Hi @manmohan-pimcore,

I tried it again and there is no timeout at the moment opening 4230 rows. But it will take about 20 seconds.

I have a feeling this is pretty slow.

Load time of the grid depends upon the number of attributes selected and number of records selected. If we have selected brick attributes as well it will take more time.

If the issue exists even for a few records and attributes, looking at the logs will be helpful to pin point the root cause.

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