Translation Memory

I was wondering if there is any module for Translation memory for Data Object values.
I know there is an Admin and shared translation but their values are not taken from the data objects.
Basically what I am looking for is something similar to the xliff but without the import/export.
So the translator, inside pimcore, can see a screen quite similar to the shared translation and it displays grouped values from the data objects. (one instance).
Eventually, the translator would not need to translate the same values again and can see which values has not yet translated.
Is anyone knows anything about that?
I’ll appreciate any news,

really a translation memory is not available yet.
But you can setup something similar with different Pimcore features:

  • you can configure a custom layout where you just add the localized fields so the translator only sees them
  • you can configure localized views to be visualized side-by-side so that you can see two languages side-by-side at one screen.
  • you can use workflows to mark certain data objects that need some translations
  • you can use calculated values to calculate filling state and data quality
  • you can use custom reports or advanced object search to create reports to get an overview of what needs to be translated and data quality.

Hope this helps a bit…


Hi Christian,
Thanks for your reply.
I configured a localized view (in the grid options) where I presented side-by-side the source (English) and the target language. I used it with the ‘operator locale switcher’.
I configured on the ‘Role-Special Settings-localized fields’ only the source/target language for a specific translator role.
I will use your advice for using Workflow and calculated values.
Still, a real translation memory that memorize only one instance of a paragraph is missing.
Anyway Thanks a lot for your advises!

if you have any good ideas/contributions for a translation memory, we are happy to listen…