Trigger IP localization for sub-pages only

Use case: We are offering a mix of localized and non-localized content on our website. For the assignment of localized content to relevant users we are using Global Targeting Rules and the respective Condition called Geographic Point which comes as a standard feature with Pimcore (our CMS system).

Current approach: The targeting rules are active and the web browser prompts every user that arrives on our landing page with a pop-up asking to allow localization of the IP address. While this is generally fine, we would like this popup to appear only when users hit a localized section of our website.

Existing configuration: Pimcore 6.1.2; Global Targeting Rule/ Settings/Action Scope = Hit, …/Conditions = URL (RegExp) AND Target Group AND Geographic Point, …/Actions = Assign Target Group AND Redirect

Question: Is there any options to trigger the IP localization only when localized sub-pages of the websites are being visited and if so, how do we need to change the conditions of the Global Targeting Rules?

Well, the Targeting Rules do have a URL (RegExp) condition, so why not just use that?

Thanks for getting back tbuljevic. As you may have noticed from the original post, the suggested condition is already in use. I have attached the current config of the rule/condition as well as a snapshot of the pages’ document structure:

Use Case: User enters on Home and receives the popup immediately even though all conditions of the rule are linked by AND functions. URL (RegExp) condition = “Fitness-Bildung” should actually result in false, because the user has not even visited the relevant URL.

What am I no seeing/ doing wrong?

Went into debug mode while testing the use case and noticed, that the popup is being presented irrespectively of whether the rule was applied or not.

Is there any way to delay the IP location service in Pimcore until all other conditions of the rule are true?

Sorry about not noticing the URL Condition before. I think you’re on the right track. But perhaps you should limit your condition only to the localized page, not on location. Try with a rule by rule approach, test out the behaviour and see if it still fits your case.