TWIG Editable pimcore_areablock


I have an own brick called ‘gallery-single-images’ and i want to push own params

{{ pimcore_areablock('myAreablock', {
    'toolbar'   : false,
    'allowed'   : ['gallery-single-images'],
    'params'    : [{'gallery-single-images': {'parameter':'XYZ'}}]

But how can i access this params via TWIG ?


{{ dump(parameter) }} like <?php $this->paarameter ?>
does not work



Hey nexus,

i was struggling too. I think the pimcore guys still have to work that one out. But i found a solution that is good enough:

You can access the params and globalParams via a detour over your areablock options:

{% set yourParam = brick.tag.options.globalParams.yourParam %}
{% set parameter = brick.tag.options.params['gallery-single-images'].parameter %}

Hope this helps!