Type Number unable set 1.0 value

I selected the Type “Number”. The user wants the “1.0” value.
When I enter “1.0” then it coverts the value in “1”.
I set Decimal size and decimal precision then I enter “1.0” then it coverts the value in “0.99”.
This functionality has affected User data.
Can anyone suggest to me how can I get value 1.0 in Number type in Pimcore 6.2.3?

deciaml1 decimal2 Decimal3

I guess Setting 1.0 to 1 is the default behavior of ext js.

What value you have set in decimal precision and decimal size?

decimal precision=2
and decimal size=2

Not sure if this is right but
decimal precision=2
and decimal size=2
So the no will be in format Decimal(2,2) [ DECIMAL(P,D)]
DECIMAL(2,2) has 2 digits for the fractional part and 2-2 = 0 digits for integer part
So your value will range from -0.99 to 0.99 as there is no space for the integer part.
So it will convert any value greater than .99 to .99 as this is the maximum value

Ext js is changing 1.0 to 1
And mysql is changing 1.0 to 099

@neha Thanks for the explanation. SO is it is the bug? right? or have we resolve from a custom script?

Not a pimcore bug i think but you can search for options in ext js or we can overwrite/extend number field for this.
If possible we can create a pull request for the same.