Using a parameters.yml.dist file

Hello everyone!

Since Symfony 2.3, the parameters.yml.dist file was introduced, which automates entering parameters for an installation across different environments (reference: I have noticed, while working on an already existing installation, that using composer install doesn’t automatically update the parameters.yml file.

So, my question is - why isn’t the incenteev/composer-parameter-handler bundle automatically included into the Pimcore installation process? :slight_smile:

because they probably never thought about it and cause the important configs (like db) still come from PHP config files…

OK, but those important configs could remain in the PHP config files, it’s just a matter of additional parameters being automated, like, for example, important locations or paths which would then be offered to the developer during composer install without breaking the project.

What I’m trying to say, you can still handle the sensitive data differently, but the workflow in setting up a project should take into consideration that certain bundles use the parameters.yml file heavily and draw from that.

jep. I agree with you