Using new area-brick from own bundle - errors - solved

I Started using my own bundle for extending pimcore (6.5.3 with Coreshop)
After adding an new areabrick in my bunde I like to use it in frontend.

The area brick is displayed an can be draged to a document. I can enter title (as wished), when I’m adding a product, dragging a product to the area, this message shows up:

The controller for URI "/_fragment" is not callable. Expected method "productTeaserKlioShopActionAction" on class "Klio\ProductBundle\Controller\KlioProductController", did you mean "productTeaserKlioShopAction"?

my view-twig definition for the area-brick in my bundle

<section class="teaser-row-container pt-5 pb-3 bg-light text-center">
    <div class="container">
        <h2>{{ pimcore_input('productTeaserKlioShopTitle', {'placeholder':'Enter Title'}) }}</h2>
        <div class="row mb-3 text-left">
            {% for i in pimcore_iterate_block(pimcore_block('teaserblock',{class:'row11'})) %}
                <div class="{{ editmode ? '' : 'col-md-4 d-flex align-items-stretch flex-column' }}">
                        pimcore_renderlet('productTeaserKlioShop', {
                            type: 'object',
                            editmode: editmode,
                            controller: '@KlioProductBundle:KlioProduct',
                            action: 'productTeaserKlioShop',
                            title: 'Drag a product here',
                            height : 'auto',
                            width: '100%'
            {% endfor %}

my KlioProduct Controller class in bundle:

 * Class KlioProductController
 * @package Klio\ProductBundle\Controller
class KlioProductController extends FrontendController
     * @param Request $request
     * @Route("/klio_product")
     * @return \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response
    public function productTeaserKlioShopAction(Request $request)
        $paramsBag = [];
        if ($request->get('type') == 'object') {
            $product = CoreShopProduct::getById($request->get('id'));
            $paramsBag['product'] = $product;

            return $this->render('@KlioProduct/product/product_teaser_klio_shop.html.twig', $paramsBag);

        throw new NotFoundHttpException('Product not found.');

Where is the error?
Please help

kind regards

Try to add “bundle:” as param in pimcore_renderlet (

so easy…

That really helped - added bundle, removed the double ‘action’ in function name - it works.

Thanks a lot :smile: