Using PHP API to export objects

Hello everyone,

I want to export all recently changed objects every day to other systems like erp software or shopware.
After some research I think the best way to do that is to export the objects via php api, process theses datas and then import it into the other systems via api.

Now my problem is how to start using the pimcore php api? Where should i store the php script? Is it possible to use the php api from a remote machine? What do i have to “use”?

If someone got a better way to connect third party systems to pimcore tell me please.

You can easily connect with the Pimcore system using Custom API or Pimcore Web services as well.
Develop your API code and store it in Pimcore.
For Web services activation and data process for export please follows the below link.

Let me know if you need any help related to develop API in Pimcore.

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yes i want to work with the php API (2nd Link) but I dont know how to start. Where should I store my scripts and is it a proper programming design to GET some data from one api, store them into arrays or something and PUT them into another API? Im not sure about this.


  1. You can create a bundle for it if you have too many tasks to do.
  2. In that bundle, you can start with controller and services
  3. Or if you have a small task then you can use AppBundle and make service