"Validation failed" with no more info


Anyone know of a way to get more debug info when either attempting to save an object or csv import and it fails? Currently, I just get, “Validation failed” without any further information making it rather difficult to figure out what is going on.


I ran into a similar problem and ended up modifying the following class method:


I added a logging line to the catch block around line 209:

} catch (Model\Element\ValidationException $ve) {
    Logger::warn('IMPORT VALIDATION FAILURE: ' . $ve->getMessage());
    $validationExceptions[] = $ve;

I was then able to look at the dev.log to find the cause of the validation failure.

Bit of a hack but it helped me fix my import.


Thanks. That was helpful, though there are some exceptions still getting eaten somewhere, but I believe I’ve worked things out.