Version 4->5 migration

We have PimCore version 4.1.3 with some customization such as plugins, integration with AD, etc and we are running it in AWS. So I suspect that the 4->5 migration process won’t be straightforward because of the custom code that we have.

How critical is to migrate it to version 5?

Are there any reasons why I cannot continue with the current version?

Cause the current Version is EOL. Zend Framework is EOL. This could be considered as a Security concern. It also depends what the goal of you project is. Is it something that should live for more years or something like a corporate website that will be re-done in a few years anyway.

If its the first: go for the update. If the latter, just keep composer packages up2date for security risks and your good to go.

is it going to be a lot of work to switch from zend to symphony to migrate version 4->5?

We have some code, not too much though, that uses Zend DAO layer, LDAP authentication plugin. We have a custom plugin that expose some pimcore data as rest webservices and it also uses zend.

Is it possible to migrate version 4 -> 6 right away? or It needs to be 4->5 first and them 5->6 ? If it is possible to do 4->6 maybe it would be easier for me to wait once version 6 is stable and then migrate 4-> 6


The way to go is currently from 4 to 5.0 and then 5.5. but it’s not a big deal to update within 5.* versions

Thank you. What steps do I need to follow to upgrade 4 to 5.0? I was trying to read the documentation but it is hard to figure out where to start. Can somebody give me a link?

Thank you again

Hi @MikeS22,

As described in the documentation the migration from Pimcore 4 to Pimcore 5 consist of two steps.

  1. Basic Migration (with the help of Pimcore CLI)
  2. Migrate to Symfony stack (consider following Symfony’s best practices, when doing so)

This should allow you to have a pretty smooth transition to Pimcore 6, which will include Symfony 4.


Sorry for not answering earlier.
I was able to update Pimcore with the “composer update” command:

Thank you