Versioning and synchro ERP values

Has anyone had a similar problem with synchro from external source and versioning?

The object has 2 attributes. Attribute 2 is synchro from ERP.
The published version is: attribute_1: testname and attribute_2: testerp.
User set attribute_1: testname2, but only click save version (without publish).
Next synchro ERP script set attribute_2: testerp2 and save with option \Pimcore\Model\Version::disable();
Now values are: attribute_1: testname and attribute_2: testerp2
Next user want publish his version with attribute_1: testname2 and when he click “publish” this version, attribute_2: testerp2 is overwritten by previous value attribute_2: testerp.

It is possible in an easy way to merge these changes? Value from synchro ERP should be always in a published version.