Versioning vs. gitignore classes/config


What makes really sense to versioning in the VCS and what should be ignored?

From the skeleton, i’ve currently (for /var/classes and /var/config):



Does it make sense to keep the “/var/classes/definiton_*” Files in the VCS for example?

Or these files are appeared new - but for me it makes no sense to hold them in the VCS:


Any best practice in additon to the skeleton .gitignore?

#2 thats mine


I’ve seen that before. Looks similar like mine before.
But does


Makes it any sense to hold them in the VCS (and deploy them)? Seems these files will already re-created during deployment automatically from pimcore (correct me if i’am wrong).

Same for example “/var/config/staticroutes.php” - this file is changable via AdminUI.

Ok, maybe it’s a personal decision and own specific workflow what to hold in VCS and what not.


it certainly is. I don’t version generated class files, cause the deployment re-creates them anyway. You can keep them in VCS since 5.2 where they re-introduced fixed ID’s.

Re static routes or other configs: I keep them in VCS and never change anything on prod -> cause the next deployment would overwrite those changes.