Virtual host - installation in subdirectory

I am brand new to Pimcore (but I am using Drupal for several years) - I was able to successfully install the Pimcore Demo with composer, create a database and run the installer in a subdirectory of a virtual host with a temporary url (on A2Hosting). The newly created subdirectory coexists with test installations in other subdirectories.

The Pimcore Demo start screen appears, but image links are broken. On most menus I am getting 404 errors. Inspecting the links shows absolute paths without the temporary url prefixed (obviously the automated RewriteBase doesn’t work).

I did some search and played with RewriteBase in .htaccess - without success (I am not a specialist in .htaccess rewrites).

Are there somewhere instructions with settings for a Pimcore installation in a subdirectory? Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Note: In Drupal, installations into subdirectories work out of the box.

I found a solution after a lengthy research: I set up a subdomain and pointed its document root to the “web” directory of the Pimcore installation.

Maybe this should be added to the documentation.

And of course it would be nice if Pimcore would work in a subdirectory :slight_smile: