Warning updating Pimcore (local docker container) with composer

Hi there,

I was upgrading from version 6.1.2 to 6.2.1 with composer update. Currently I am running Pimcore locally within a docker container. I shut the containers down before the update, because I want to avoid unexpected side effects.

Basically the upgrades worked well except for the following warning:

> Pimcore\Composer::executeMigrationsUp
Skipping migrations ... (either Pimcore is not installed yet or current status of migrations is not available)
> Pimcore\Composer::clearCache

So it seems like Pimcore was not able to update the database. The Frontend and Backend seem to work basically.

My question is: Do I have to take any manual step for executing the migrations and upgrading the database in case this was skipped? If yes, which actions are to perform?

bin/console pimcore:migrations:migrate -s pimcore_core

see also here


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