Web2print not working


I am using the skeleton version of Pimcore as a starting point and want to use the Web2print functionality.
I have created a controller and the required views as follows:
container.html.php (416 Bytes) default.html.php (2.6 KB)
Web2printController.php (410 Bytes)

I also configured the the web2print settings as follows:

However when I try to generate the pdf it is stuck at 0% and does not provide me with an error:

When checking the network in the browser the post is being sent successfuly:

Please advise on what I may be missing.

Hi, you can enable the debug mode in “Generate Pdf” setting before clicking on “Generate Pdf” and check web2print logs generated in /var/logs to debug the issue.

I have opened that log file and inside it says the following:
Cannot locate autoloader; please run “composer install”

I did run composer install yet no change, please advise

there was an issue reported for similar problem. please check if you have these changes https://github.com/pimcore/skeleton/pull/25 and if not, update your version.