Web2print wkhtmltopdf no print image

Good afternnon,

I attach an image because it does not generate I have empty boxes, if you can help me please.


Check if your host is correct in web-to-print settings.

@Jhorck15 also see

Error loading…

Not sure but can you try adding the whole url instead of localhost.

We had the same issue with wkhtmltopdf. Also our CSS wasn’t working at all.
Apparently not all dependencies are installed correctly with the automated docker installation.

We then installed wkhtmltopdf through the package manager to get the missing dependencies

docker exec -it pimcore-php bash
apt update
apt install wkhtmltopdf

Later we discovered that we also need the wkhtmltopdf package with the qt patches to be able to add headers and footers to all pages.

apt update
apt install xfonts-75dpi xfonts-base gvfs colord glew-utils libvisual-0.4-plugins gstreamer1.0-tools opus-tools qt5-image-formats-plugins qtwayland5 qt5-qmltooling-plugins librsvg2-bin lm-sensors
wget https://github.com/wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdf/releases/download/0.12.5/wkhtmltox_0.12.5-1.buster_amd64.deb
dpkg -i wkhtmltox_0.12.5-1.buster_amd64.deb
cp /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf /usr/bin/
cp /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltoimage /usr/bin/

You can check whether qt patches are installed or not with wkhtmltopdf -V
Output should look similar to this: wkhtmltopdf 0.12.5 (with patched qt)

We probably installed more than is necessary with this approach.
Any advice to handle this better is appreciated. We are still pretty new to linux.


Thank you very much, it works !!! I am very grateful…

One more query, how did you make the css work because it doesn’t work for me, can you please help?

Glad to hear it helped somewhat :slight_smile:

CSS did work for us once we installed the missing dependencies as described. Not sure why it doesn’t for you.

Maybe the path to the CSS file is not correct?
Did you try using CSS directly in the PHP/Twig template for testing?