When i am trying to create object i got db error. How to solve?

When i am trying create Product object I am getting this error "ecommerceframework_productindex_store table not found ".
how to solve this error

Well, the first thing I need to ask is the most obvious one. Do you have the ecommerce framework bundle installed? And by that, I mean, did you run the pimcore:bundle:install command for it?

There’s obviously a table missing so that might mean your migrations didn’t run properly. Or the table was dropped for some reason or another.

The best course of action would be to track down the installation script (commonly found in the Tools/Install folder of the bundle) and run the migration found in it.

Try to run those commands:
php bin/console ecommerce:indexservice:bootstrap --create-or-update-index-structure
php bin/console ecommerce:indexservice:bootstrap --update-index

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I already installed ecommerce framework bundle but this not run migration for creating product or index tables.so i need to run this for. thank you for help.
php bin/console ecommerce:indexservice:bootstrap --create-or-update-index-structure