When will Pimcore move to Symfony 4?


The Symfony website says “Symfony 4 […] changes significantly from Symfony 3.x.”.

I was wondering, what are Pimcore’s plans for moving to Symfony 4?

I’m curently porting a Pimcore 4 project to Pimcore 5 and am wondering how best to proceed.


currently we are planning to go for 3.4 with the 5.1 release in Jan '18.
The step to Symfony 4 shouldn’t be to big then, but is not planned before Pimcore 6 in Autum '18.



Thanks for the response - hopefully I’ll have ported our site to Pimcore 5 by then :slight_smile:


Any updates on Symfony 4 @fash? And will it be easy to update to Pimcore 6 if we are using Pimcore 5?



right now we didn’t start our development for integration of Symfony 4 yet so we cannot give an definitive answer to that question.
The only thing I can promise is, that we will try to keep update efforts as small as possible.



In preparation for the move to Symfony 4, are we able to move now (Pimcore 5.4) to Symfony/flex as described here?

.Where it says “Symfony Flex works for Symfony 3.3 and higher. Starting from Symfony 4.0, Flex should be used by default…”

I saw a discussion on GitHub a wee while back so wondering what the current situation is.


As we know that symfony 4 performance is much better than symfony 3 , So i think we should take it in our priority as pimcore performance is not very good.


at our Inspire Conference next week we will discuss that topic and also outline our approach.
We’ll keep you updated.



Great - I’ll look forward to that :smiley: